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Common Core and Multiplication Tables

I just stumbled across an article incorrectly stating that mastering multiplication tables is LESS important in the Common Core. Here’s the article: Here’s what Common Core really says: CCSS.Math.Content.3.OA.C.7 Fluently multiply and divide within 100, using strategies such as the … Continue reading

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Using Multiplication Worksheets to Assess Fluency

Multiplication worksheets are the most common way that schools measure math fact fluency, yet aggregating response times from so many different facts rarely tells you which ones a student is actually fluent with and which ones they are still calculating. … Continue reading

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Division Games–The best way to master multiplication?

Division games have never been in super high demand.  In fact, the only time we’ve ever really been asked about division is when folks are asking if we cover “all four” operations. However, once we finally finished our division expansion … Continue reading

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Researched-Based Multiplication Games—Fact or Fiction?

Savvy educators regularly ask us if our multiplication games are research-based.  On the surface that sounds like an important question.  But in reality it’s essentially meaningless.  In the researching world there’s the common expression that “there are lies, damn lies, … Continue reading

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Tablets and iPads in School Classrooms

Lots of folks have kicked around the idea of iPads replacing textbooks or laptops in school classrooms, but I think both discussions are missing the real value of an iPad or tablet in a classroom—the input.  The key stumbling block … Continue reading

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Multiplication Games Will Save the World

Multiplication games will save the world.  Well, not JUST multiplication games, but educational games in general.  Remember that scene from The Matrix where Trinity learns how to fly a helicopter in 5 seconds flat by using a perfect virtual simulator?  … Continue reading

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