Thank you for amazing results!

By Anonymous
Multiplication/Division Rating:
Hi! I just wanted to thank the creators of this game for making such a wonderful learning tool. I homeschool my two boys, ages 7 (2nd grade) and 4 (pre-k but academically 1st/2nd grade). My boys LOVE your game! They both mastered addition in a little less than two weeks (the biggest obstacle was learning 10 key at first), improving their addition facts from 43% - 96% and 35% - 98%, respectively. My oldest lost interest in the subtraction level after a few days, but my 4 year old continued on, completing and improving his subtraction facts at over 200%. Then they both asked me to teach them multiplication so they could do that level. After my initial multiplication introduction, they both took off....and 10 days later, my 4 year old (he will be 5 next month) completed his multiplication facts! He went from 4% to 10 days....he's 4! And now he's on to age 4...thanks to your game! My 7 year old should complete multiplication soon, and is having such a great time with your game. Thank you again for your creative learning tool! I wish I'd have had something like this to learn math facts when I was young...sure beats the heck out of flash cards.
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