Looking forward to multiplication !

By Anonymous
Multiplication/Division Rating:
We are Americans living in a developing nation in Asia. Our 5th-grade daughter has attended the local schools until this year,when we felt the need to provide her with a better education. I found a number of "holes" in her educational foundation, which we have been working to shore up. One of them was definitely in the area of math, specifically her multiplication tables. She had become frustrated and convinced that she could not learn the multiplication facts. Practice was emotionally draining for both of us. Then, we bought Big Brainz Timez-Attack. What a difference! She looks forward to her multiplication practice every day with this program, and we've seen real improvements in a matter of weeks. Her sisters love to watch her play & are looking forward to the time when they can use it, too. She's learning; we're both happier, and I'm thrilled that such a product exists!
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