What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Smarter

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Thanks for your interest in math and Big Brainz!

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3 Responses to What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Smarter

  1. Sebastian says:

    Dear. People at Big Brainz. I really enjoyed playing your game in third and fourth grade. I learned multiplication so much faster than I would if I would have not used your game Timez Attack. I am now a High School Student and want to thank you for your invention. It was the best game that taught me something. I do have one suggestion. Many kids today own a Video Game console. Video game consoles such as Xbox 360, Ps3, Xbox ONE and Ps4 lack this game. I believe that if you made these games come out for Xbox 360 and Ps3, more kids would discover this game and the learners rate would go up even more. Thank you for this game, I do hope it will come out on gaming consoles, I will be first in line to buy it and to announce the word.

    Sincerely Sebastian.

  2. Kathleen Hoppe says:

    I have been working with my LD daughter on just addition facts, and she is going into 4th grade next year. (Of course we’ve done the other functions too!) Without fast recall of basic math facts, she just couldn’t keep up. I was searching for a “multiplication facts song” (she loves music) and saw your link. We were both prepared for another bland experience, but Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster! This has been the turning point I was looking for. I just can’t think you and your cohorts enough for this game.
    Now if someone could come up with something to help with “sight words”….ah, I’m such a dreamer.

  3. Trey Price says:

    I took over principalship of a low performing title 1 school last year. We had about 70% of our students below grade level as per standard tests. I was introduced to Big Brainz by a friend who has gamified his class. We installed Big Brainz and saw engagement go off the chart. Students loved learning.

    I had Big Brainz installed on every computer in school, and purchased the up grade. It was amazing to see kids catching up on math skills in weeks. We saw kids master multiplication in a month or so and move on to division. Our second graders moved on to multiplication the last few months of school and kindergarten was well into addition.

    We got a late start this year but we know with the help of Big Brainz we will eliminate the achievement gap in math by the end of next year. We can’t wait to get started.

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