Division Games–The best way to master multiplication?

Division games have never been in super high demand.  In fact, the only time we’ve ever really been asked about division is when folks are asking if we cover “all four” operations. However, once we finally finished our division expansion pack we discovered something very interesting. Well, first we realized that it’s hard. We’ve been focused on multiplication for so long that, well, we’re REALLY good at it.  But even though division is really the same thing in reverse, it’s surprisingly different.  It’s sort of like learning to make a lay-up with your left hand instead of your right.

But the main thing we learned is that division games significantly deepened and solidified our math awareness. Understanding how the fact operations work, both forward AND backwards, really pounds them home and gives you a more solid understanding.  With students, we also found that moving on to a powerful division experience after mastering multiplication ensured that the multiplication mastery all stayed nice and solid.

In the end, we figure that mastering division in addition to multiplication will help students comprehend division concepts better all around, but it will also accelerate all of their calculations by a few seconds.  This will let them save an enormous amount of time over the next many years.  But more importantly, getting the basic calculations out of the way will enable them to focus and master higher order concepts much more effectively in the coming years.

So . . . three cheers for Division–the black sheep of the fact family!

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8 Responses to Division Games–The best way to master multiplication?

  1. Luke says:

    I really liked your division game! (i downloaded the free version)

  2. Sarah says:

    I think that your games are fun!

  3. antonio says:

    i want to go to machine world for timez attack

  4. Madeline says:

    Omg timez attack is kinda hared at first but once ya get used to it it’s as easy as pie! It’s really great for yungsters gee my mom even loves it! I think you will too! 😛

  5. zariyah says:

    I think that big branz is helping kids and parents alot.Want who ever came up with this website should make other games to learn on.Keep up the good work and try to come up another website to learn on.It helps because the game helped me learn the multiplecation fact that i did not know.It helps the parents because they don’t have to be all day trying to help their kids with mutiplecation facts.