Teaching Children Math the Fun Way

teaching children math

When it comes to learning math, many kids struggle with grasping certain concepts. Math is often seen as something negative, and met with groans of frustration by kids and adults alike. But what if there were a way to effectively teach kids multiplication and division, and create a positive and fun implication when it comes to math? Big Brainz is a company that has created an easy-to-use video game that requires children to complete different math problems in order to advance in the game.


Big Brainz is so confident in their product that they have a 100 percent refund rate for anyone who isn’t satisfied with their students’ results after completing this program. And their results rate is astoundingly high with 95 percent of students who finish the program showing high efficiency in multiplication and division.

If your students have a hard time grasping basic multiplication and division concepts, or if worksheets don’t hold their attention, then try the Big Brainz game Timez Attack. In this age of technology, help kids learn in the same way they like to have fun. It’s possible for your students or children to start enjoying math, a feat that may otherwise feel impossible.

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Kids Learn Better with Big Brainz Math Games

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Fun Math Games For Kids This Summer

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Math Video Games Prove Efficient and Improve Mathematical Skills

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Math Video Game Kids Enjoy

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The Importance of Learning Times Tables

You clearly want to know more about times tables, or you wouldn’t be here now.

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How To Make Multiplication Tables Fun!

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Can Math Fluency Save Your Marriage?

If you’ve come here with marriage trouble, suspecting that math fluency is to blame–hey! We invite you to visit our new blog location at Imagine This!

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Common Core Concerns

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Math Teachers Who Undermine Math Fact Memorization

If you’re an educator who needs to be convinced that memorization is an effective strategy for math facts fluency, this article is for you.

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