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System Requirements
Difference between base version and full version
How to Play
Progress Reports
Efficacy Research

Unlocking FAQ

Which websites do I need to unblock in my proxy, firewall, or security program?
iPad Version
Deluxe Addition/Subtraction Release Date
Skip or Rearrange facts
Challenge a level
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Giving children limited admin rights
Norton Anti-Virus keeps removing Timez Attack


Known Errors:

None. Provided you're using the very latest version and latest graphics driver for your computer.




System Requirements for Timez Attack



Operating System

Win Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10; OS X 10.4.11+

(OS X 10.6 Intel CPU for new Add/Sub)

1.0 Ghz
256 MB
Graphics Card

128+ MB with latest driver:
(see below)


May work with 32 MB


For example, thin-clients will not work.

If you experience random crashing or odd display, the solution is nearly always to update your graphic driver. Here are the links to the main graphic vendors:






Operating System
Win Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10; OSX 10.6 Intel CPU
1.0 Ghz
256 MB
Graphics Card

Mid-Range Graphics card with 256MB
with latest driver


Intel: HD or better

ATI: Radeon 4300 or better

NVIDIA: 8800 GT or better



To see what kind of system you have, go to C:/TimezAttack and run "Report Error.exe", but you don't need to "submit" the report unless you need help.



Difference between the base version and the full version

Entertainment. We put ALL the education into our base version so that EVERY child can master multiplication. The full version then adds entertainment--more worlds, characters, and creatures to learn in. So it's worth the investment, but you shouldn't feel any obligation to upgrade if money's tight. The base version works just as well--children just don't keep begging to play it for as long.



How do I play?

Please watch the tutorial video at



Progress Reports

Progress reports are now available inside the game. While playing, simply press Esc--> Progress


Challenge Button



Efficacy Research

Research study from Brigham Young University: link

Massive results research: link


Unlocking FAQ


What’s is “unlocking” all about?
Our research has shown that unless schools have four simple things in place, they will not get their money’s worth—i.e. 250 pre-tests, but only a handful of post-tests. “Unlocking” is just a simple 4-step checklist that ensures you have the simple things in place that will ensure your students are successful.


How do we unlock?

In the new version, just press the big, red "Unlock Deluxe" button. If you have to stay with the old version for some reason, just give us a call and we can walk through the four steps with you--or just email us that you've completed the 4 steps.


What are the 4 Steps?

  1. Have you designated someone to have ownership of fluency success?
  2. Has the Principal seen the Principal’s Video?
  3. Is Timez Attack installed and running smoothly?
  4. Have you scheduled Timez Attack?
    (roughly 30 minutes/week . . . until Finished)


Can we switch to the new version if we already started our students on the old version?
No problem. The new version will figure out exactly where students should be within the first 5 to 10 minutes.


What if it’s not feasible for us to install the new version?
We understand that your technology requirements or limitations may keep you from installing the new version right now. No worries—just give us a call and we can walk through the unlocking process over the phone.


Which websites do I need to unblock in my proxy, firewall, or security program? and


iPad Version

We are gearing new products for the iPad, but they are not yet available.


Addition/Subtraction Deluxe Release Date

We have not determined a release date for Deluxe Addition/Subtraction. But we'll hurry!



Skip or rearrange the facts

Timez Attack is currently geared to determine which facts the player already knows and proceed accordingly. It will then optimize fact order and instruction to maximize retention. Customized skipping or re-ordering is not currently available.


Challenge a level without playing all the way through

Because our software carefully tracks a player's preparedness, this isn't generally recommended. However, a player can attempt to pass off a level at any time without playing all the way through. Once in the level, press Esc, click on "Progress", select the fact you're currently playing, then press the Challenge button that appears. A second tip is that you can then turn around to see a portal that will teleport you the rest of the way to the final boss!

Challenge Button



Slow down the boss?

We discourage slowing down the bosses except in cases of substantial learning disabilities because all of the bosses will automatically adapt to a child's individual learning speed (except the Final Boss). Tinkering with the difficulty will therefore generally only give them a subsidized victory that will handicap them in the future. Having said that, Left-Shift+F12 will let you adjust the core boss speed--assuming you have a fairly current version of the game.. You can actually make it a bit harder as well.



Giving Children Limited Admin Rights

(For Windows) You want to keep your child's login locked down so they don't mess up the computer. But a high-end game needs read/write access to function properly. What to do?

Simply right-click on the Timez Attack icon; choose "Run as"; then select an admin User and supply their password. This change will give Timez Attack all the rights it needs to save games and modify its files correctly, while leaving the child or student with all their normal restrictions. Normally this must only be done once, but I have heard of some cases where the parent has to keep doing this every time.

An alternate, brute-force solution is to install Timez Attack directly to the child's desktop.

Newton Error Example


Norton Anti-Virus keeps removing Timez Attack

Generally it will give you a very curious error that came up when Timez Attack 4.0 was brand new. It says something about "child killed: SIGABRT". This refers to a computer process called a "child process," but the real culprit is Norton. This error should fade away as more users register Timez Attack with Norton.

Norton Timez Attack Error

After you see this error you'll see these errors start coming up in the bottom-right of your screen.
Click on "View Details" when you get the option.

North Error #2

On the page that pops up, click on "Options" and tell it that Timez Attack is ok to run:

Norton Error Screen #3



Known Errors


If you're experiencing any error with Timez Attack, please make sure you're using the latest version from "My Orders" at and that your graphics driver is updated.