Timez Attack Reviews

Children's Technology Review
"Editor's Choice Award"


Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review
"I saw an immediate improvement in their comprehension and retention of their multiplication tables."


SuperKids Educational Software Review
"A narrowly focused educational software program, cleverly disguised as a captivating video game."


Sr. Editor Old Schoolhouse Magazine
"I've never seen an 'educational video game' that plays like this."


My son actually paid for half of the program himself! Do you think any kid would do THAT for a set of flashcards?!
Nancy Salacinski


I am a second grade teacher... My daughter in fourth grade begs to play this the moment we get home. My older middle school daughter also wants to play because it looks so cool. My teenager who is 17 had friends over the other day. It even spellbound them!!!
Nicole Schmidt.

My son learned his facts in less than a week with your help and I would really like to use it with my students.
Jeff Little
Special Ed Teacher—Grades 3-5
South Central Elementary School


I am a teacher of gifted students in a public school district in West Chester, PA.  We love your Timez Attack free version.  Thank you so much for creating this amazing program for kids to learn their times tables.  I have a class full of third to fifth graders who can’t wait to play every day.  Keep up the good work and know that 22 students think you are the best! 
Diana Dilts
Gifted Resource Teacher


My sons, Noah and Eric really enjoy it.  I am careful about selecting computer programs, and was originally concerned about the “video-like” feel of the game, as I am strongly opposed to video games that are not helpful to children. However, this does seem to be helpful in a creative way, educating my identical twin boys on basic multiplication facts, which is a necessary educational ingredient!


Meant to reply sooner but my 7 year old HAD to play the game.  On the Mac running WinXP it installed flawlessly and played glitch-free.  It's AWESOME!  A Math game my kid actually played AND LIKED!! Thank you THANK YOU!!


We LOVE Timez Attack for our son!  We see some real improvement in his retention on his multiplication work in 3rd grade here in Maryland.  And he sticks will it-much like he can with playstation !!  
Nancy Bond

Darnestown, Maryland


Timez Attack "works" far better than I ever imagined. My 9 year old son loves it. At first I thought he may be bored by what I feared would be simplistic gameplay. Instead, if anything, he gets overly worked up at the higher levels. Don't worry, that's a good thing!
Steve Chapkis
Austria, Europe

PS We already upgraded to the full version. It's fantastic.

I am the media director for a small elementary school and find your program absolutely fantastic. 
Lisa Smith
Eastside Elementary


I can tell you for myself, this has been the first time my son has said to me, "Mom, hurry up!  I want to get home so I can do school!!!!"  You have developed an educational tool that is not only FUN, but so well done with graphics and such, that it matches up with the other games they love to play for pleasure, and it's even entertaining just to watch them play.  My son gets so excited to beat the Ogres, and can't wait to see what they do or sound like when they die.  He really WANTS to learn the numbers because he needs to "BEAT THE BOSS!"
Sharette Giese


LOVE your video game Timez Attack!  We have been waiting for this type of educational software for too long! 
Linda Hake
Learning Coordinator
Lincoln Elementary School


Great game!  This was just the kind of kick my son needed to make the somewhat tedious task of memorizing his times tables fun.
Corinna Dornon


He LOVES this game and asks to play it all the time!  Thanks for making learning fun!
Stephanie Templet


It is truly the most exciting and effective method of teaching the multiplication facts that I have ever seen in all my 23 years of teaching. Even my most unmotivated students light up when they get to play Timez Attack. 
Intervention Specialist

p.s. Did I tell you that one of my students last Friday said, "I wish I could come to school on Saturday so I could play Timez Attack?"

Brilliant!  I love the game. 
Jana Morse, MD

I teach students with disab

ilities, but one particular student stays with me after school every week so I decided to let him try the free download.  He loves it.  He plays during any free time at school and he has also downloaded the program at home.  What a great motivator!  He is learning his multiplication tables and enjoying it.  The fight is over.  You definitely have a winner with this program.  So far I haven't found one student that didn't love it.  Thank you for this wonderful learning tool. 
Edith Roden
Carlton Palmore Elementary
4/5 Inclusion/Special Educator 


We purchased the program today, I can’t believe the difference.  My daughter played with it this morning and she loved it.  She would never spend this much time on her times tables the conventional way!  We are excited and are telling our friends.
Ileana L. Kim
El Paso, Texas


I am a teacher at Cleora Public School.  I am using it on our Smart Board and the kids love it!  I could not believe how quickly they were picking up the facts just by playing the game. Thanks for offering a free version so we can play and have fun!  I have been teaching 27 years and am very impressed!
Tina Ohlstrom
Cleora Public School


I purchased this game for my son and daughter to help with there mulitiplication tables and they LOVE it. Thanks for a product that actually does what you say it does.
Brian Sossamon
Monroe, NC


We have only had the game for a week or so but after the first time my son played the game his test score on his multiplication test went up 20 points.  I thank you for such awesome creativity in making the game entertaining and such a great learning tool. 
thank you again,
Kirsten Wood


THANK YOU!  My students are crazy in love with the game.  I have to MAKE them get off the game when the bell rings. The first thing they say to me as they come through the door is, “Can we play TImez Attack today?” 
Intervention Specialist
Intermediate School


I was searching the web to find some muliplication worksheets for my seven year old son to do for drill when I happened across Timez Attack! Wow! What a great gift! Thank you so much. My son LOVES it (no more drill sheets for us-- ever!) Even my 10 year old daughter likes it. Thank you so much for making it available to everyone for free.
Leslie Clark


My son loves Timez Attack!  His timed tests results have tripled since receiving Timez Attack!  Thanks for such a great product!


He takes another test on Friday, but I can already see a huge improvement!!!  Thank you so much for this!  I really don't miss those @#$% flash cards we were using.


Thank you so much for this amazing game.  I say game, but in my heart I'm feeling "ministry, godsend, opportunity to bless children and families, and hey just downright fun.  We've tried many programs.  As I'm sure you've heard this before, and yes, we tried Timez with our fair amount of skeptism.  But you proved us wrong.    We're one of those famlies on a budget so we downloaded the base version.  Our son loved it!  We will no doubt be ordering the bells and whistles version.  He wants to see the volcanoes.  (smile)
Mrs. C.B. Crowe


Well true to your word, Timez Attack arrived yesterday and I had to remind my fourth grader Connor that bedtime was at 8:30...okay 9:00....okay 09:30....10:00 !  "Please Shut it off Connor, it's time to get to bed".  He just couldn't stand it..he got to the space level and was so driven. He absolutely loves it ! And I love knowing he's drilling down on math skills. I only wish it drilled the other stuff...addition, subtraction and division.
As this year's President of the Lyman PTO, I will definitely spread the word.

Mrs. Rene' Dean
Topeka, KS


I appreciate so much this game - my 5th grade 10 year old daughter LOVES this and up until this point she's struggled so much with multiplication. Now I can't keep her away. My 8 year old son is soon to follow. Thanks again for such a FANTASTIC affordable product!
Brooke Holtzheimer


Yes, I was speaking of my 2 daughters...Funny thing is that one is in 4th grade, the other in 8th....The 8th grader does not NEED to do the game at all, but she loves it!!!  My 4th grader kows multiplication pretty well, but is not quick at it....She spent almost 2 hours today playing the game, and was so thrilled at how much she remembered!  She kept asking me, "Ok, Mom, ask me another one!!" What a switch! 
Karen Callahan :o)


This game is amazing.  It is true, my eight year old son can't wait to play it!  he's excited even about a sneak peak into the volcano levels.  You are so smart to have engaged multisensory input into children's brain/capacity for learning.  My boy is doing, touching, seeing his accomplishment, and believing!
Dr. Jacqueline Tejeda


I wanted to let you know that I downloaded the free version of Timez Attack just 4 days ago and my daughter has been ASKING to play with it EVERY DAY since!  Her first reaction was “Wow this is almost as fun as my Pokemon game”.  Timez Attack has been a great way to get her back into multiplication and she’s really having fun with it.
Laura Ferries


I could not get her to stop playing it all weekend!!!  I have never seen her so excited about math - usually she is defeated before she even begins when it comes to any kind of math.  As soon as I get paid this week I plan to buy the upgrade. 


I downloaded the free version of Timez Attack last night for my daughter.  She has already mastered the 2s and has decided that she wants to do the 3s and 4s today.  When I get home we will download the full version, as she is really enjoying the game.  My 4 year old son wants to play too, as he loves video games.  He is upset that his sister has a game that he doesn't get to play.  Who knows.  Maybe I'll be the first mom on the planet to have her 4 year old know his multiplication tables!
Linda K. Boyle
Accountability, Research & Continuous Improvement
School District of Lee County


I've spent the past six months going over the multiplication facts with my eight year old. I mean every night getting out the flash cards, having her write them down a bazillion times, etc. You name it we've tried it.
So my mom found this "game" on the internet called Timez Attack. At first I thought, "Yeah right, she's not gonna be interested in this game." My kids are used to the high tech graphics of the Nintendo and Playstation games. My mom kept prodding me to look into the site further.

So last night I decided to go check it out. The graphics were very good and the concept sounded intriguing.  It's actually similar to some of the video games that they play. You have to make your way through this dungeon and fight "monsters" which have the multiplication tables on the front of them. I got wrapped up in the game and watched her for three hours.

She didn't want to go to bed last night because she wanted to try to beat one more level. This morning she woke up two hours before school and started to play this game! I can't believe it but the multiplication facts are actually staying with her.

I'm usually skeptical about these kinds of games because we have a whole cabinet full of educational games that rarely get played but I'm sold on this one.

Shannon Moore


I love your game!!  I am the Reading Specialist at Nelson Elementary in Newport News, VA.  I originally downloaded the free version for my son after previewing the tutorial on the site.  Your multiplication practice was much more motivational than my handwritten flashcards (go figure!).  He loved it so much I decided to go ahead and order both versions.  I am looking forward to sharing the information about this great tool with my faculty when I return to school!  I also checked to see if his knowledge of the facts he had learned had transfered to paper/pencil tasks and he did very well. Thanks for saving my son from my flashcards :-)
Jennifer Clemons


My son and I were struggling to master his times tables, despite lots of practice.  I was getting worried because he was getting ready to go into 4th grade and I knew this was important.  I found your program at the homeschooling convention they had downtown Phoenix.  I thought it was so funny that there were no adults at the booth but about six kids my son’s age fighting over who would get to play next – a very good sign!  

I took a post card from the table and loaded the trial version for my son when I got home that night.  Within minutes he was begging us to buy the full download and even offered to use his allowance money to do it!  We bought the download (I’m not crazy) and by the next day he was spitting out his times tables like he’d known them forever, and quickly too!  Since then he’s played the game for at least an hour a day, and still loves it almost as much as his Playstation games!

Debbie Gillespie
Happy Homeschooler
Tempe, AZ


I just wanted to tell you that my sons LOVE "TIMEZ ATTACK!"  He's been playing for a couple of days, and he's rattling off facts like a pro!  "Timez Attack" is ingenious. What better way to get kids to learn than a cool video game!
Diane Borusiewicz


My kids (ages 9 and 7.5) LOVE your Timez Attack software!  Prior to purchasing Timez Attack, tension and conflict had been developing in my home due to my requirement that boring  multiplication flash cards be reviewed daily for 10 - 15 minutes.   Happily this "issue" has now been resolved with your software.  My  children (ages 9 and 7 1/2) now both eagerly seek out Timez Attack  several times a day as a fun activity; they enjoy the "little alien  dude" a lot.  They are excited when they tell me of the creatures  they've fought, where the battles took place and show off to me the math problems they've learned.  The graphics and music are terrific and the program successfully engages their interests, attention and  intellect.  Thanks so much for this truly superior game/tool.


From McIntosh’s son:  “Holy Crap!  This is cooler than Battlefront II!”  He almost got in trouble for the language though.

We love this!  Even my math shy daughter! 
Amy Riley


Congratulations on a great product.  I have been trying several different ways to help my soon-to-be fourth grader improve her multiplication skills and your game is the answer.  Even my 11 year-old has fun playing the game.  We started out with the free version (thank you for providing that option) and ended up purchasing the full version as they were having so much fun and sticking with practicing their math facts.  It is the first time my 9 year-old felt good about playing math games and feeling successful when she completed a level.  Well done!


Your Timez Attack is awesome!  My daughter used it to master her multiplication tables last year and continues to use it to practice her skills.   Do you have anything for division?  Please let me know she needs these skills for 4th grade in the fall and your software was a breeze to get her to use! 
Danna Mundall


Thanks for helping me make learning math fun!! Heck, I even like playing even though I know my multiplication :o)


I heard one of the sixth graders say today “the math is easy. The game is hard” but they do love it.  If I get to teach summer school, I think I will try to use it then too. 
Jane J


So far, their reaction and the way they stick  to the game more than any other program I have ever seen them on is  truly amazing.  I often work with the students that have ADHD or FAS and they have such a hard time sitting still long enough to go very far in most things.   But this Timex Attack has them locked to their seats and actively participating without even budging from the screen.  They keep on coming back because they have such positive feedback from winning and understanding the multiplication, that it encourages them to go do more of the math and continue.
Sharon Gowryluk


Here's what our son has to say:
"It is one of the best games ever!  Now I know what 6x3 is, it's 18 and I was stuck on that one for a long time.  So thanks for helping me on this! My favorite part is the dragon level, where when you get a dragon egg it gets you health.  I also like when the ogre scratches his tush!  I also love the game because it has great graphics.  I will tell my friends about it if they need help with multiplication!"

Ken and Melinda Nolan
Lincoln, NE


I'm thrilled with the program so far! My daughter has struggled with multiplication this year and asks to go on Timez Attack every afternoon. Before it was torture getting her to do her times tables.
Nancy Scricca


Thank-you very much.  This game is amazing and has been a wonderful help to my children.  They just love it and the best part is it is working.  Just yesterday, my seven-year old who, is being tested at school now on her times tables and thought she would
never get it, was helping her younger sister and realized she knew one of the tables.  "I did it," she said.  "I knew them all and I didn't even realize it."  This game works.  Thank-you, it answered my prayers.

Althea Basudde