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Educational Multiplication Games

Educational Multiplication Games can teach kids multiplication extremely well. However, most of them simply dabble. They let kids spend a little time with multiplication, but they don't ensure total mastery. To ensure mastery, they need to incorporate assessment and comprehensive tracking. The game needs to regularly gauge what a child does know and what they don't, then focus strategically on what the child still needs to learn. Furthermore, it needs to also constantly assess and adapt to the child's growing abilities until the child has absolutely mastered and retained every single fact.


We need to raise our standards for online multiplication and division games. Such games can change the world, but not if we're satisified with the primtive gameplay and education most of them offer. If we can spend $100 million on Grand Theft Auto, surely we can do better.


Timez Attack the fun multiplication game for kids


That's essentially what we wanted to do at Big Brainz—create a fun kids multiplication game so powerful that it essentially "cures" core multiplication problems, just like vaccines "cured" polio a generation ago. Less than 1/3 of the kids in the US today have genuine mastery of multiplication. That's extra frustrating because the technology exists to help almost all students master their core facts fast and well.


Fortunately, our latest research shows that at least 95% of all students who play Timez Attack walk away with at least 95% perfect recall of all their multiplication fact pairs. In other words, if you want a kid to learn multiplication, just give them Timez Attack, and you're done. That's a huge victory for multiplication games!


Multiplication Games